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De Weijs Veendam is a wholesaler and is traditionally specialized in cleft stone, like slate and quartzite. These days we also have a large assortment in tumbled marbles and limestone. We can offer you the best materials, including the following products:


Slate is a layered material that arose from clay. For billions of years the pressure shaped it into slate. Because the stone is layered instead of sawn from blocks, miners split the material out of the quarry. There are many different types of slate from different parts of the world, such as Brazil,India and China. Slate can be black and it can also be very colourful like red, yellow, green and even purple. Examples are Mustang, Sumie stone, Jack Slate, Jadish and Peacock.


Quartzite is a material compounded from compressed sand, minerals and quartz. Quartzite is an extremely hard material. The glitter it sometimes contains is caused by the mica and quartz. Besides our own quartzite Diamond-G fromAfrica, we also have a lot of different types in our assortment. For example Himalaya,Andes, Clarcks and Alta. Quartzites are ideal for outside use, swimming pools and public areas.


Limestone has a base from lime and sea species. Millions of years transformed it into limestone. In the quarry the material is sawn from large blocks into tiles. For example: ourCastanea Fossil,Galicia and Pierre de Basilique.


Limestone was transformed by billions of years of pressure and high temperatures, into marble. We supply mostly in tumbled and brushed marbles. For example: Emperador, Travertine, Silver white, Saros and Antique Blue.


This material consists of lava. These volcanic extrusive rocks have dark colours and are often honed, flamed or flamed and brushed.

We do not have Granite in stock. Of course, if you have a request in these materials we can always do our best to help you in the best possible way.

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