Installation advice

General Installation advice

Always make sure you have checked your purchase at possible fraction, stains or deviations.  Ones the floor is installed, it can not be taken back.

When you place your order take in consideration the time it needs to acclimatize before it can be installed. Please store your purchase clean, dry and free of frost. Preferable at a similar climate as the climate you will install it in.  

Leave the foundation well to dry before you begin with your installation. A screed needs an approximately dry time of 28 days. Please reserve a similar duration for the tiles to dry; preferable when they are taken out of the crate and separated from each other. Always make sure your foundation is even, especially If you use glue to install your floor.

If you receive multiple crates, make sure (to avoid colour differences) you place the tiles alternately from the different crates. The colours may be consistent within each crate but vary from crate to crate. Sort through the tiles and mix some from each crate. Doing so spreads the colours evenly in the room and keeps them from occurring in patches.

In case there is a thickness deviation between the tiles, we advice you to use mortar or glue on the foundation and as well the tiles. 

After the floor is laid and the thin set mortar has fully cured, the joints between the tiles need to be filled with grout. Un-sanded grout is most commonly used in natural stone installations. It fills the small joints easily and won’t scratch soft stones like sanded grout might.


A sponge is used to wipe off the excess. This needs to been done in time, because the dry excess is very difficult to remove. Don’t step on it yet, the grout has to cure, which could take up to 48 hours.

Make sure the floor dries evenly. This means no strong heath or cooling down. It is also wise to ventilate during this period.

After filling the joints with grout wait for at least 3 till 6 months before you cover the floor with a protective layer. This can avoid moisture stains (a protective layer closes the tiles and gives moist no way out).

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