Corporate Social Responsibility program

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are terms to indicate that organisations are involved with the world and her residents. Natural stone is a material that already is sustainable. A product of nature that preserves at least for a lifetime. Because we also like to keep the production process as sustainable as possible, we have chosen to establish the production factory in Zambia instead of the normal outsourcing of the production to China.

The big advantage of this decision is that we created approximately 120 jobs for men as well for women, who obtained a more independent position through these jobs. The men have jobs in the production and quarries, the women select the tiles and create the mosaic. In a poor rural community in Africa this means a lot, because of the many people who became guardians of nephews and cousins of passed away relatives as a result of HIV and other deceases.

There are living facilities and water wells at the quarry and also meals for the employees. The water wells are also for the benefit of the local production companies in corn and cotton.

Because of the high investments and the starter grant from the Dutch government, we are well on our way to reach our millennium goals.

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